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February 24, 2009

…weDDing ring..

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p1070395one of my officemate(male) lost their bond…HOW? a thief got into their house and stole easy as that! HOW? (again??) because he put off the ring and place it somewhere sa loob mismo ng house nila…tsk!tsk!tsk!grabe noh? that’s how the question” bakit kasi inalis mo ung wedding ring nyo?” brought up…

we have our own opinion on whether or not to remove our wedding ring…they say that it has to be remove lalo pag nsa house ka lang..some say it should not be remove kasi it’s “the symbol of our LOVE” when we say I DO.. say naman ng iba, “material lang un, nka singsing ka nga nagloloko ka naman sa asawa mo”…stuff like that…”ung iba nga diyan walang wedding ring”which made my other officemate to react..” symbol un ng pagmamahal mo sa asawa mo, di mo dapat hinuhubad or inaalis un sa daliri mo”….hayyyyy!

each of us naman kasi have the right to say or to give their own opinion..for me..together with my husband, we want to wear our wedding ring, not just for a decorating item or anything else, but it is our CHOICE..aside from the LOVE that we have for each is CONJUGAL between the 2 of US…it is the sign or OUR LOVE for each matter what happen, we’ll keep on wearing them …..


February 17, 2009

…i’m so inlove with my husband(,”)

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this man makes every single second of my life meaningful and full of love…marinig ko lng ang voice nya….masaya na ako(,”)…just a while ago, i called him up..just to say ““i miss you!he was happy to hear my voice too! and that makes me more happy and love him with my all..miss ko na nga cya…but soon magkakasama din kami ng husband ko…hhhaaaaayyyyy, i luv you so much mahal ko(,”)

February 10, 2009

…am i tOO sentive?

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an hour ago, my husband & i had a phone conversation(video call)…at first it was a “happy” (shall i say?) talk…we’ve talked everything that happened yesterday..until he opened up to me that his sis asked him for a new cellphone unit..i was so quiet..i know he noticed that..then, he keeps on talking and explaining…i still remain quiet..i was just staring at him as he was staring at me too…maybe he wanted to see how will i react with it..i replied him “uhhmm, ok “ husband know if  i am not okey…still i managed to stay calm and listen to him…i did not say anything against his decision…i only tell him that if it wouldn’t caused him too much, then go…he explained to me that it’s alright…then what else can i say? i don’t want to be rude to him or to his’s just that, i wanted his sis to realized that money is hardly earned…but that’s his sis..and i know where to stand and i know my limitations, as well…

February 4, 2009

StaRts in FriEndsHips..

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It all started in November 3, 2003 when i received a text message from unknown number..right after a car accident hit me( together with my brother)..but before that heart-trembling  encounter…in July 2003…an unknown person(again)  sent me a message…i noticed that the country code used is different (+966) from the usual code we use ..followed by another message each day…i begun to think “who is he?”

the person who texted me in july 2003 became my friend (though were not “literary close friend”)…i found out that he’s from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia…and he works for Mc. Donald’s Int’l.
so from then on we exchanged text messages…until 1 day day i found out that he is having a sort of ” understanding” with my officemate…i was not bitter at all when i learned that…because  i don’t have the right  & we’re not having an affair at all..i only askesd myself  ” how it all happened?”

after that car accident, i received(again) a message asking” how am i doing now?” it was so annoying! i keep on receiving text messages from unknown person..i can’t help it until i gave him a call and begun to talk to him in a “mataray way”
sino ka ba? at sinong nagbigay syo ng number ko? ha?! baka naman pinag titripan mo lng ako? sinong nag utos syo na itext ako? tigil tigilan mo ako ha!!!” was the exact word i told him..

the voice on the other line was ..calm…soft spoken..” walang nag uutos sa akin na itext ka, ako ang may gustong itext ka..ako si BENEDICT”

…that was the start of OUR FRIENDSHIP(,”)

My nEw wOrLd..

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it’s my first time and i don’t know when..where…or how to start doing this! i have many thoughts in my head and i can’t wait to share it with you….(,”)(“,)

Hello world!

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